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Do you have limited time for new programs?
No problem! For your convenience, this program is customizable: Participate in as many or as few activities as you'd like! If time is limited, start with a few activities—or have kids dive right into the contest! Kids can also complete entries with parents at home.

How do I use this program with my kids or students?

1. Sign up to receive updates and early access to free program materials.
2. Decide which activities you will use with your eager, young minds.
3. Do some fun, hands-on activities.
4. Give kids the contest entry form so they can enter their great ideas in the competition! Or have them enter online.

Kids can enter their ideas for the next Helicopter 2050 Challenge. Get them going with these fun activities!

Program Binder – Download here. You'll find the pacing guide and all these sections inside:

  • Introduction: Pacing Guide and reproducable flyer included.
  • Warm Up Activities: Help your visitors get their heads in the creativity game and their brainwaves flowing!
  • Take Flight Activities: Help participants learn the basics of helicopter flight so they can dream of the future of helicopters.
  • NEW! Sustainability Activities: Kids will learn about things to consider when coming up with ideas for sustainable, environmentally friendly helicopters.
  • Leaner & Greener ‘Copters Activities: Your young visitors will learn about some environmental aspects of helicopters.
  • Goin' Global Activities: Kids will consider current and future global challenges, think about ways helicopters help address those challenges, and figure out how they can improve helicopters to better address and overcome global challenges of the future!
  • Up, Up and Away Activities: Participants will develop their contest entry ideas for the Annual Helicopter 2050 Challenge!
  • Essential Program Forms: All of the forms you will need for the program–there aren't many.
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